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my name is Helena and I am a color magician.

I paint to connect you with your energy. My paintings are doors to an inner space where you can recharge and nourish your relationship with your self.

When I paint unbound from my core, I find myself in a higher state: being OVA. OVA is my alter ego, free like the wind, bold, fearless. Connected to sky, ground and core.

This name is a reference to my bilingual czech-german heritage, as the postfix “-ova” is traditionally added to the family name of women.

As a little girl, I was dreamy, loud, sensitive.. and different. Collecting flowers whenever I could , admiring their colors and shapes, carying them everywhere. Talking to everyone but shy to let somebody close.

My life with art was set in kindergarden. I was different and wanted to connect to the other children. When a game transformed a desk into a pirate ship, it was my opportunity to paint a flag. Skull, bones and all. The children where amazed. It was the first time I belonged, felt comfortable – and I also became part of a pirate gang. It felt great, being myself and being accepted.

My diversity hit me hard when I was 16: I became sick and oversensitive to food. I felt tired and worn out, my energy level was practically non-existant. I painted to perceive and feel myself again.

For me, painting is meditation, it nourishes me to awareness of body and mind. Because of painting I found my spirit.

  “My vision for the world: for every living being to exist in flow.”

I’m addicted to skies.  My most profound experience happened on a trip back from Sahara desert in Egypt at about 4 am.  I climbed out of the Jeep in the middle of nowhere, walked away from the car into the darkness, carefully, searching the ground for scorpions. When my eyes adjusted I looked up and saw the night sky. Endless, rich midnight blue, with thousands of shining bright stars, greeting me.  Suddenly I felt home like never before.   Fun Fact: I love blue so much, my boyfriend calls me a smurf. ?  

My most important lesson of 25 years of making art?

How to flow! I charge myself and become a resting supernova. The moment I surrender to the process, I explode and experience magic unfold. The universe paints trough me, guides my hand. Uses my senses to form unbound realms of color and stars.

For me personally, this process highlights the beauty of human experience like nothing else, while including the challenges.

  That energy and wisdom is available to me when I need it. I can trust and belong to the universe. Fall out of time. Surrender to senses and intuition. Make my DNA dance. Express truth.  Experience deeply.