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I do not take any responsibility for the content of websites that are linked to mine.
Responsible for the content of this website is

Helena Neubert (OVA)
Kunstverein Letschebach
Briefkasten im Hof,
Blumentorstraße 12
76227 Durlach


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Pictures and texts may be used under the CC-Creative Commons as following:
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
You may NOT use my art for advertisement or sell them or their content in any form.

private You may use my pictures for your private purposes, you may print them as long as you don’t earn money from it, you may resample it as long as you don’t earn money from it.
journalistic For use of my pictures f.e. in blogs, please always attribute to me by Email and link back this website.
commercial If you wish to use my work commercially, please write me an Email.
artistic If you are a visual artist, please feel free to resample any content or ideas you like as long as you put your own twist to it.
Be creative, be happy.