I am OVA, an artist and painter from southern Germany.

My work is centered around colors.
As an artist, I use my talents to create unique experiences of colour.

Apart from colours, my main interests are people and nature.
I love to understand and see how everything is related to each other.


How it began

Since I was little, I was always fascinated by nature. It didn’t matter to me, whether it was animals or flowers, or fish in the water I was seing-
I perceived everything with great joy and curiosity.

My mother likes to tell stories how I collected bunches of flowers and would carry them around everywhere.
As I know now, it was this fascination for shapes and colours that made me pursue a career as a painter.

On the picture, I am the small one with the violett scarf. No Surprise there 😉

artist OVA as a child looking at two sheep and being fascinated by nature
OVA on a trip with flowers in hair

..and it never stops.

Colours would haunt me at night when I slow down in order to sleep.

While I lay in my bed, Blue and White would tell me about their friendship.
Scarlett Red and Purple would argue in rivalry, as they are too similar.
Only Violett would calm me and request nothing. That is how close we are.

In case you didn’t know: White and Black for example are lovers. As they mark the end of the spectrum, they could not be more different.
Yet, in their extremes they are similar and could not exist without the other.



It may seem strange to some, but I had these conversations of sorts all of my life.
While painting and perceiving my surroundings I learned what there is to know about colours.
Though, while they are generally friendly, I can’t make the mistake of ignoring them.

If I stopped working they would probably drive me insane.